Nothing better than sinking your teeth into a good ol' documentary! To this day, The series of Ballads I made are some of my favourite pieces of work. With original music and ALL the voices, we told three stories... They're up there with these past projects...

  • 2015 - 'Misplaced Childhood, by Fish - 10" - Legendary Marillion front-man Fish explains their most successful album on its 30th Birthday
  • 2013 - 'Nowhere To Go' - 30" - My final year Uni project explored youth homelessness, and achieved him a first. Read more and listen here.
  • 2013 - 'The Community Ballads' - 45” – Celebrating Banbury and North Oxfordshire's pubs and communities in speech and original, local music. Read more and listen here.
  • 2013 – ‘Playing With Fire' - 10” – Exploring Manchester's fire-spinning community. What is our obsession to play with dangerous and exhilarating fire.
  • 2013 – ‘Listen, Response' - 15” – Lyrics and how we interpret them personally. How lyrics can be misconstrued and carry subtle messages. With Ralph McTell.
  • 2012 - ‘Tales of Cropredy' - 45” - exploring the heritage of Fairport Convention and their Cropredy Festival.

Playing With Fire

A real surprise in this piece, that played on lack of visual information to created some of those wonderful radio pictures...brilliant, and told almost as live, great immediate sense of place.

Mel Harris - Sparklab Productions - (commendation in the Charles Parker Prize 2013 for 'Playing With Fire' radio feature)


We have known Louis for several years and have always been struck by his enthusiasm and his professionalism.

His attention to detail and depth of research prior to conducting any interviews showed to us a depth of maturity way beyond his years and continues to inspire our confidence in him.

Stevie Horton - Press Officer at Fairport's Cropredy Convention (Related documentaries 2011-2015)