Radio Presenter

Louis currently presents Friday nights from 10pm on the Bauer City 2 Greatest Hits network. In the past he has hosted shows on:

  • Shock Radio - student radio shows the SRA Selector and Louis & Kish - Louis won SRA Best Male Bronze 2014 for these shows.
  • 97.4 Rock FM - Saturday 2-6pm cover
  • Free Radio - Weekend 7pm-midnight cover
  • 107.2 Wire FM - Saturday afternoons
  • Q Radio - new music on Q Now
  • 107.6 Banbury Sound & Touch FM - weekday daytimes, racking up over 500 hours on-air in 2011
  • The Source - a new music podcast with guests ranging from Peace to Kodaline.


He is a thoroughly conscientious young man who works diligently on developing his natural presentation and production skills.

Steve Orchard - Chief Executive. Quidem Midlands Ltd
(Touch FM, Banbury Sound, Rugby FM, Oak FM)