Radio Producer

The thing about radio: it's so simple. Music and talking. You've nailed it.

That's all it was when I started a small podcast in my bedroom with my bad dress sense at the age of 16, and that's all it is now producing the BBC Asian Network Breakfast Show across the UK. I love that.

Over 8 years of experimenting & practising; working with comedians, social stars, TV hosts and good ol' classic, quality radio presenters: I've been trying to make sure the music and the talking is absolutely, superlatively brilliant, all the time.

Here's how I'm getting on!

I produced Tom Green In The Morning at The Hits for around 18 months, and this was a radio idea with this accompanying video: strapping brain-scanners to two singles & sending them on a blind first date to Pizza Express. Obviously.

Louis is a conveyer belt of extra-ordinary ideas...He is also a treasure to have within a production team, he’s an intelligent, friendly delight to have around and supports all.

Maxwell Smalley - Deputy Content Manager

Mawaan & Emily host one of the most exciting late-night radio shows on BBC Asian Network. Their feature 'Kebabioke' gets kebab shop owners singing down the phone, but after a lot of planning and laughing, we made this in an actual kebab shop...

An unforgettable experience for me was working as part of a small team at Radio 1's Big Weekend, pulling off the incredible stunts in the White Phone Box.


Working with someone who isn’t just task orientated but creatively bent as well is rare, Louis doesn’t just take the job in hand and deliver it to perfection, he also creates some wonderful ideas for both on-air and on-line.

Mike Cass - Network Content Director
Bauer City Network

He brings balance to a frenetic environment whilst he is reliable, focussed and immensely trustworthy. Great producers can be hard to find – Louis is one of them.

James Walshe - Producer
BBC Radio Two

Each morning on the Asian Network Breakfast Show, my challenge is making sure we create awesome, entertaining radio for our British Asian audience. We're always looking for that unique angle when guests come through, and with, we managed to hear a completely unreleased, South Indian-inspired song direct from his iPhone!

Back with Mawaan & Emily, we managed to create a stand-out piece of radio and video with our news colleagues downstairs at the BBC!